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Andrew Stuart
- Database and Web Applications Developer/Consultant
- available from August 2009

- on site in the Cambridge region, London, or remote working to anywhere

Looking for an experienced database and Internet Applications developer or conultant?
I have twenty years in the IT industry working on web sites since 1994 and programming since university.
I run several web servers for convenient project development.

This web site contains some sophisticated examples of my work
  • The content is driven from a wiki-style editor of my own creation using ASP. It runs from a single 404 handler script calling on a SQL database.
  • Have a look at my popular Sudoku Solver. I use javascript to drive the interface but some of the programming tasks are two difficult for javascript so I have embedded them in an ISAPI application written in C/C++
  • My Puzzle Pack page shows how I have integrated a custom shopping cart with Paypal using HTTPS.
  • This site contains HTML, DHTML and CSS - all verified against W3 standards so it's browser and search engine friendly. Cross browser compatability is very important - including javascript.
  • Take a look at my Microsoft Access Database Gallery for some views of my database front ends.

If you have a project or client you need help with - I can assist.

I am available to work work on-site in the Cambridge region, London or even remotely.
My CV can be viewed HERE in PDF format.

Cell phone: 0773 990 55 99

or email me at

or skype me on andrew.c.stuart

Skills in Depth
SkillExperienceLevel (5=top)
C19 years5
Access - Database Design13 years5
SQL / Database Design10 years5
VBA & Microsoft Access (2,97,2000,XP)11 years5
VBScript / ASP12 years5
HTML / DHTML / CSS / Web12 years5
Exchange / IIS / DNS12 years3
Visual Basic 68 years3
ActiveX / COM / DCOM8 years3
Javascript / DHTML8 year3
C++7 years2
Ajax1 year4
Microsoft Win 9x / NT / 2000 / XP20 years4
Unix2 years2
User Interface Design20 years5
Modeling (numerical, simulation)20 years4
Business/Team Management10 years4

Example Web Applications

I have been interested in Search Engine techniques for a great number of years. This has culminated in the Google-style search engine currently being used by I have written a clever web site crawling program which can pick out the visible text on web pages and digest them into searchable index files using my own proprietary format. Labhoo uses an SQL database to manage the sites and company data but I use my own special methods for the searching. Labhoo has over 20,000 web sites inside its engine. All the programming for the site was done by myself which includes a members area and a very large administration sub site. I would be happy to show both using guest accounts.

I really enjoyed working on this friend finding and dating site for the Asian community. I designed the database and programmed all the features - from the members area, account set up, news, events and of course the searching. Still going strong after five years this is a very visual and fun site.
Access Examples

To view some of my past Microsoft Access database interfaces I have created a Gallery. MS Access is a great platform for small and medium databases and I have more tapped its capabilities in many occasions. For larger and mult-iuser projects I recommend SQL Server with which I also have excellent experience of. Both are very good products.

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