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Sudoku Solver for iPhone

From, the puzzle solver's site
Released 30th April 2012
Update released!
Now in the AppStore

Apple have approved and released the new SudokuWiki Solver App for the iPhone/iPod touch.
Now available for purchase. We have changed to the Tier 2 price band.
There will be major updates to the solver as we include more puzzle variants and solving strategies and these will be free revisions to any purchase. We also intend to make a 'universal' App when the iPad version is complete - one purchase for both platforms. We're extremely pleased with the final build and I hope you'll be impressed as well.

Do give us your Feedback Form - especially new ideas - on this page or on the Apple Store.
Our App Support Page is here. We'll post updates to this page.

Sudoku Solver and Grader
This App contains the full 9x9 Sudoku Solver as seen on this website. This includes the Grading feature and Solution Counter.
Strategy Guides
Included are all the strategy documentation found on this site and each example can be loaded into the solver at a click.
Puzzle Feed
The Daily and Weekly puzzles on this site are now automatically downloaded into the App!
Camera Input
We're very pleased to include a camera input directly from the App. Click, check and load into the solver.
Keep track of the puzzles you solve with an almost limitless list entry - each nameable.
New to our solver - Instead of just "Take Step" use "Hint" to give you the strategy to look for without revealing the answers.
Resume / Back
Better than the website with real 'state' saving - quit and resume any time. Also a start to end 'back' button.
Email and Facebook
Send to your friends via Email or Facebook. Links back to the solver enable easy loading of shared puzzles.
Screen Shot 1
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The SudokuWiki Solver App has all the cell and candidate highlighting used on the website version. Here and XY-Chain is found.
Note: Screen shots have been shrunk by half

Next build - released!

Next build and Version 2

If you want to add something to this list or make a point about how the solver should work, please let me know, either write to me at, or use the Feedback or leave a comment or Facebook comment here on this page.

All ideas welcome

best regards

Andrew Stuart and Oliver Foggin