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Sudoku Wiki App Support

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Thank for purchasing the Sudoku Wiki App

Our SudokuWiki Solver App for the iPhone/iPod touch is now four years old. Some users on the latest iOS versions are reporting that Apple is reporting that the App is giving the message "The developer of this app must update this app in order to improve the compatibility". I would love to do that but unfortunately I don't possess the source project files (other than the Core Sudoku Engine). Although I have tinkered with some Apps in iOS this platform is not really in my skill-set. I am much more comfortable with Android and continue to main that App.

If there is a developer out there who would be interested in redeveloping this project either for a fixed fee or a share of the sales, then please contact me. I'd want to base the new version on the Android for which full source can be provided. Contact me on andrew@str8ts.com.

All feedback is appreciated. You can contact us directly - andrew@str8ts.com or use the Feedback Form. If you have any problems or suggestions about the app, we'd like to know.

Version 1.3 - released!

Version 1.2 - released!

Version 1.1 - released