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Andrew C. Stuart

Web and Database Applications Developer
You can also view my MS Access Database Gallery for database examples.
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Personal Information

StatusMarried, 1 Child
Date of Birth7th May 1967
Skype handle�andrew.c.stuart�
Cell phone+44 773 990 5599
Landline+44 12223 242 668
Address57 Gunhild Way, Cambridge, CB1 8QZ

Key Skills

ExperienceLevel (5=top)
C23 years5
Access - Database Design18 years5
SQL / Database Design14 years5
VBScript / ASP16 years5
HTML / DHTML / Web / CSS / XML17 years5
Exchange / IIS / DNS17 years3
Visual Basic13 years3
ActiveX / COM / DCOM13 years3
Javascript / DHTML15 year3
C++13 years2
Microsoft Windows OS23 years4
PHP2 years2
iPhone/iPad/Android App dev3 years2
Unix3 years1
User Interface Design22 years5
Modelling (numerical, simulation)10 years4
Business/Team Management15 years4

Business and Technical Skills

  • Experience of team lead roles: both heading the technical development, developing products myself, consultancy and training as well as client account management.
  • Experience of writing both business and technical proposals.
  • Experience of software consultancy, systems analysis, system design and the business process. Listening to the customer.
  • Experience with networking, DNS and TCP/IP; Domain Name lore and Internet connectivity. I run several permanent web servers and can offer hosting for projects in development.
  • Experience with hardware and server design.
  • Full experience with cross browser issues, browser compatibility and standards
  • Experience with various platforms and systems: Microsoft Exchange, IIS, Outlook, Access, Windows 95/98/NT4/XP/2000/2003/2005/2008/2010, Unix (but don�t quiz me), Aptana, Office 95 to 2010, Visual Studio (6.0)/2008, Visual InterDev, Visual SourceSafe and numerous productivity tools.
  • Spanish: Basic

Career History

2010 now Syndicated Puzzles Inc
Co-founded a company to create and market word and number puzzles for newspapers, new media and mobile devices. With Jeff Widderich we have created a number of unique products and have had some success with puzzle books and several major clients. All sites created using my own Content Management System. See
2012 2013 Labhoo Ltd
Lead Developer
Labhoo took a new direction with where I have developed a large public and admin website and developed an �events� Andoid App.
2009 2013 SGS UK Ltd
(two contract periods)
Employed to develop a risk management database and reporting system for a �2bn offshore wind farm project. Extensive use of MS Access, add-ons and other MS Office products.
2008 2009 Telensa Ltd
Contract Developer
On the development team implementing a browser based UI for a centrally controlled street lighting system. JavaScript/AJAX front end using EXT JS library and JSon/PHP back end. Very large and complex system.
2005 2007 MM Multimedia Ltd
Technical Director
On the development team implementing a browser based UI for a centrally controlled street lighting system. JavaScript/AJAX front end using EXT JS library and JSon/PHP back end. Very large and complex system using the wrong technology.
2004 2004 Sabbatical
Family moved to Mexico City (came back 2010) while I few a microlight across Canada and down the pacific coast

2001 2004 Labhoo Ltd
Lead Developer
Part time work in a company formed to develop a Google style search engine (which I wrote!) and directory for the bio-technology sector. See
2004 2004
Lead Developer
Early social media site aimed at the Asian community. I helped write a complex web portal with a large, entirely web based administration area with interesting third party components such as SMS and photo messaging and my own COM NT services.
2001 2002 Mott-MacDonald Ltd
Software Developer
Main developer for a Water Resources and Water Balance Hydrology Model for Abu Dhabi and visited the emirate three times
1999 2000 CAST Systems Ltd
Web Consultant/Developer
Metaweb partnered with Skipton Building Society to specialize in the insurance and financial sector. I help build a Property Estate Agent platform for Connells Estate Agents; A web-based and web-administered Mailing List system for Skipton; a credit scoring and premium finance system for insurance brokers at Amber Credit. I also wrote a COM interface to the Equifax Credit Scoring system in C/C++.
1995 1999 Metaweb Ltd
Managing Director
My first start-up, based in Cambridge. Metaweb grew to 12 people. Our most prominent customers were Edgar Hamilton Group, a leading insurance underwriter based in the Docklands, and Pauls Malt, a malting company in Suffolk. We offered a range of Internet services from hosting and web site design to full systems for hundreds of people. At Edgar Hamilton we were the sole supplier of IT knowledge, software and strategy, with over 25 separate projects completed in three years.
1993 1995 Cambridge Stratagems Ltd
Software Developer
Created Mediastrat product to model the weighting factors that affect advertising in the real world. It calculated the best combination of ads for a budget as defined by a selected target audience. Written in C.
1991 1993 Bestech Systems
Software Developer
Developed a Windows style UI (pre windows!) for a Stress/Strain engineering program in VGA graphics.
1989 1991 Mott-MacDonald Ltd
Software Developer
Two years developing hydrology and traffic modeling in Fortran and C.

Interests and Leisure Activities

  • I am the web master for several hobby web sites. I developed one of the Internet�s best and most popular Sudoku web site. The main attractions are five step-by-step solvers which contain nearly sixty different logical strategies. It can also grade puzzles and check the number of solutions. A paper on creating and grading sudoku puzzles is here.
  • I am a qualified pilot (Microlight Rating).
  • I write modelling programs to test out geometrical, mathematical and computing ideas.
    These include artificial life, AI and genetic algorithms, optimising problems, language and puzzles.


On request. Email

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