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February 2017 Puzzle Book Packs

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I am pleased to be able to offer a variety of printable Puzzle Packs. I have been developing puzzles for newspapers, magazines and web sites since 2005. I guarantee all of them have logical solutions and very carefully calibrated grades so anyone from a beginner to an expert will enjoy these. All the packs are formatted in Abobe PDF and designed to be printed. Where appropriate I have included coordinates for reference to strategies on my website. The Sudoku, Sudoku X and Jigsaw are compatible with my Step-by-Step solvers. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I have in creating them.

January packs are still available

Sudoku Code Price $ Add to Cart
Classic 9 x 9 sudoku is available in five grades.
See the Step-by-step solver for tips and strategies.
February 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Pack - 50 Gentle P1702_SUD_G $ 5.49
February 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Pack - 50 Moderate P1702_SUD_M $ 5.49
February 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Pack - 50 Tough P1702_SUD_T $ 5.49
February 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Pack - 50 Diabolical P1702_SUD_D $ 5.49
February 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Pack - 50 Extreme P1702_SUD_E $ 5.49
February 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Pack - 50 Mixed P1702_SUD_X $ 5.49
Extreme Str8ts Code Price $ Add to Cart
Two packs of 50 Extreme Str8ts - July 2010 to May 2012
Extreme Str8ts Nos 1 to 50 001_050_ES1702 $ 5.49
Extreme Str8ts Nos 51 to 100 051_100_ES1702 $ 5.49

How to Purchase

Choose the packs you are interested in by ticking the box on the side. The click on the "Check Out" button to see your total.

All the packs contain different puzzles so you it is safe to buy a Mixed Pack as well as a single grade pack. If you are not sure what your are getting please download my Sample Puzzle Pack.

Your packs will be available to download as soon as you have completed the purchase. But you do need to navigate back to this site to pick them up.

Your payment will be made to Scanraid Ltd -

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Please note: These electronic book packs are copyrighted Scanraid Ltd and your license is exclusively for the purchaser or person gifted the e-packs. These puzzles may NOT be used in publication in print or digital media or on the Internet. They may not be copied and used beyond the personal use of the household of the purchaser or giftee.