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Sudoku Solver for Android
Date Created: Saturday 15-Dec-2012
Last Updated: Tuesday 18-Nov-2014

Sudoku Solver for Android - Build Log
Date Created: Tuesday 29-Jan-2013
Last Updated: Tuesday 18-Nov-2014

Tech Tips I Need to Remember
Date Created: Sunday 25-Mar-2012
Last Updated: Thursday 2-Oct-2014
Tech Tips I Need to Remember

Date Created: Wednesday 6-Aug-2014
Last Updated: Wednesday 6-Aug-2014

Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries
Date Created: Saturday 2-Aug-2014
Last Updated: Saturday 2-Aug-2014

Date Created: Thursday 17-Jul-2014
Last Updated: Thursday 17-Jul-2014

Jelly-Fish Strategy
Date Created: Friday 11-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Sunday 13-Jul-2014
Sudoku Strategy. Jelly-Fish extends Sword-Fish into four rows and four columns. Candidate eliminations are possible where the cells that form the Jelly-Fish are the only possible places for a solution on candidate N."

What's New
Date Created: Monday 17-Aug-2009
Last Updated: Sunday 6-Jul-2014

Date Created: Saturday 12-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Monday 9-Jun-2014

Killer Combinations
Date Created: Saturday 12-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Sunday 13-Apr-2014
Killer Sudoku Strategy. Killer Sudoku gives clues which are the sums of the solutions in defined cages. The combinations of possible cages based on the clue are listed here.