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Tech Tips I Need to Remember
Date Created: Sunday 25-Mar-2012
Last Updated: Thursday 2-Oct-2014
Tech Tips I Need to Remember

Date Created: Wednesday 6-Aug-2014
Last Updated: Wednesday 6-Aug-2014

Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries
Date Created: Saturday 2-Aug-2014
Last Updated: Saturday 2-Aug-2014

Date Created: Thursday 17-Jul-2014
Last Updated: Thursday 17-Jul-2014

Jelly-Fish Strategy
Date Created: Friday 11-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Sunday 13-Jul-2014
Sudoku Strategy. Jelly-Fish extends Sword-Fish into four rows and four columns. Candidate eliminations are possible where the cells that form the Jelly-Fish are the only possible places for a solution on candidate N."

What's New
Date Created: Monday 17-Aug-2009
Last Updated: Sunday 6-Jul-2014

Date Created: Saturday 12-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Monday 9-Jun-2014

Killer Combinations
Date Created: Saturday 12-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Sunday 13-Apr-2014
Killer Sudoku Strategy. Killer Sudoku gives clues which are the sums of the solutions in defined cages. The combinations of possible cages based on the clue are listed here.

The Logic of Sudoku
Date Created: Friday 27-Feb-2009
Last Updated: Sunday 6-Apr-2014

Strategy Families
Date Created: Saturday 12-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Sunday 30-Mar-2014
This is the index to the all the fully documented strategies used to solve Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Sudoku X and Killer Sudoku.