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Wednesday 15-Nov-2017

... by: flutter

Can you please give a detailed explanation for the "forcing bi-location cell set method"?
I don't understand how this would force D7 = 9.
Neither do i understand any of your other bi-location cell set methods in the other comments of weekly unsolvables.
Is your method not documented on the "Strategy Overview" or did i miss it somehow?
By "cell set method" you mean to start by assuming all candidates in a cell to be ON and then see, if a candidate in another cell behaves the same in all cases, correct?

Sunday 12-Nov-2017

... by: Vinny

Are we getting a new 271?

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: Vinny & Manny

OK, our Excel Solver says this: in box 5 (central 3x3 area), top to bottom, left to right, enter 1 2 8 4 3 to the 5 blank cells there, and then, to the 4 blank cells that will be available in row 4, enter, left to right: 7 5 9 4. After that, it will finish in routine fashion.

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: Andrew Stuart

Hi All. David Filmer has written to me to tell me this is a clone of #49 rotated 90 degress. I'm not sure how this got into his or my list to import. I intend to replace it shortly.

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: ray

Error1 A5 not A2

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: ray

1. Use basic strategies and the forcing bi-location/exocet cell set method.
Start with D7{2579} - bi-location cell for7,tri-location cell for 5 and 7.Progress-
ively form the 4-element cell set D7C7D46,forcing only the run out values for
the 1-cell to 4-cells values until D7C7D46 = (9,6,1,2) which gives the solution.

Using this solution,with basic strategies,the following non bi-location cell set
solution were found: GJ7 = (5,3), A2C46 = (2,4,8).

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: JC Van Hay

Indeed, morph of #49

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: Neil

Ariadne's Thread finds 4 in D8.

Saturday 11-Nov-2017

... by: Neil

I think this is a clone of 49.


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