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Saturday 24-Oct-2015

... by: Vikram

You're exactly right, Dave. I'd go a step fuhtrer and say fill your resume with those things that you do better than anyone else you know; what makes you unique. Decision makers are looking for your secret sauce. And write it for actual eyeballs to read, not some scanning software. Turning your resume into a ditto of the job description won't set you apart in any way.

Saturday 2-Aug-2014

... by: Duder Sud

Use 7 in A3 then use solver

Saturday 8-Feb-2014

... by: mba application help

This bamboozle can't be solved minus using Ariadne's Silk which essentially signifys that you experience to speculate at few speck. it can be exhausted, yet hardly along straight rationale. among the Suppose deduce plus defeat prerogative enabled, the sudoku solver testament discovery the answer.
mba application help

Monday 6-May-2013

... by: newby

using pairs 4(H7,G9), 4(A2,B3), 7(A1,C3) all combinations>contradiction except:
4H7, 4B2, 7A1 leaving 7(D3, E3)
7E3 solves

Wednesday 10-Apr-2013

... by: Solver

Just tested my solver program with this Sudoku and it nailed it in 0.1312 seconds.
However, this is the longest my solver had to process so far, not even the Inkala puzzles came close. Nice one!

Monday 17-Sep-2012

... by: John Doe

I still can't find a solution to this, anywhere on the net. I get many hits describing different techniques and algorithms but no final solution. Is there actually a solution? Can someone please produce it? Thanks.

Tuesday 21-Aug-2012

... by: John Doe

I apologize for asking twice but I am new to the site and I am still to learn its ways. Please do clarify this; Is #49 solvable? Does a solution exist? Where can I find it? I have been trying a scheme but I always end up with two same numbers in the end, it seems that the puzzle is wrong OR I have to try a differenct scheme.

Thank you.

Tuesday 7-Aug-2012

... by: Guillermo

I'm not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the cleosst location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You're right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

Tuesday 31-Jul-2012

... by: John Doe

Is there a typo on the puzzle above? What are the comments by "JC Van Hay" referring to? Thanks.

Monday 2-Apr-2012

... by: JC Van Hay

Another typo detected by abi :( : read Target : (124)r2c6.r8c5 instead of Target : (124)r2c6.r8c4

Monday 2-Apr-2012

... by: JC Van Hay

Typo : read ... -1r1c58.r56c3.r8c4.r9c34 ... instead of ... -1r15c8.5r6c3.r8c4.r9c34 ...

Sunday 1-Apr-2012

... by: JC Van Hay

ROOKS from the start !! It is April (or Andrew) Fool's Day ! So I would call this puzzle : AFD Monster.

Its solving begins as in Fata Morgana Loop 1 and 2. But this doesn't make it simpler ! (Still ROOKS)

Initial Eliminations :

Exocet : Base : (124)r46c4 [Target : (124)r2c6.r8c4], 124R258 => -59r2c6


Exocet : Base : (124)r46c4 [Target : (124)r2c6.r8c4], 124R28C29 => -59r2c6, -1r1c8.r9c34, -2r3c47.r7c1

If 124R5 is added, then :

Exocet : Base : (124)r46c4 [Target : (124)r2c6.r8c4], 124R258C29 => -59r2c6, -1r15c8.5r6c3.r8c4.r9c34, -2r2c4.r3c47.r46c7.r7c16


Each week a new 'unsolvable' will be published and the previous will be accessible here from this archive section. If you like very tough puzzles, these are for you.
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