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Sudoku Solver for Android

From, the puzzle solver's site
Welcome to the project page for the SudokuWiki Solver
app for Android.
Now on version 1.72 - 30th of December 2014
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Sudoku Solver

17th of November 2014
Version 1.69 Update - Now the app contains 364 Practice Puzzles that concentrate on specific strategies. Many people have asked for puzzles that contain certain ideas. I'm pleased to include this in the App. Also included is a Core Engine merge for the latest strategy improvements and documentation updates. Brings the App up to 2.01a compared to the website solver.

Update 9 March: 90 days with no crash logs at all! I think we fixed the issues with Samsung devices so upgrade to version 1.72 if you haven't already done so.

See all the update notes at the end of the development page.

Approved on Google Play (World-wide)
Approved on (seems to be just USA at the moment)
Please leave a review. I'd love to hear your feedback. Any issues email me directly - bugs are easy to fix.
The build log and progress update on the upgrade version has been moved to a new page.

Sudoku Solver and Grader
This App contains the full 9x9 Sudoku Solver as seen on this website. This includes the Grading feature and Solution Counter.
364 Practice Puzzles
Expanded Samples List: now organized into groups that focus on a specific strategy.
Smartphone to Tablet
Four different layouts have been designed to match the many different Android screen sizes and pixel densities from Smartphones (minimum 480x800) to tablets (1280x800).
Strategy Guides
Included are all the strategy documentation found on this site and each example can be loaded into the solver at a click.
Puzzle Feed
The Daily and Weekly puzzles on this site are now automatically downloaded into the App!
The solver board can be set to several color schemes including high contrast colors.
Keep track of the puzzles you solve with an almost limitless list entry - each nameable.
New to our solver - Instead of just "Take Step" use "Hint" to give you the strategy to look for without revealing the whole answer.
Better than the website with real 'state' saving - quit, resume any time and a start to end 'back' and 'forward' buttons.
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Access to the main fatures from the home page
Note: Screen shots have been taken from a 480x800 device and shrunk by half. Other devices may have higher screen resolutions and marginally different layouts.

Feedback and Wish-List

You feedback will be most welcome. If you have an idea for a new feature or improvement, don't be shy. Often these can be implemented very quickly. Bugs and other issues most gratefully received.