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Version 2.08
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1: Singles in Row  
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3: Naked Pairs/Triples  
4: Hidden Pairs/Triples 
5: Trivial Dog Legs  
6: KenKen Combos  
7: Dog Legs  
Tough Strategies
8: Cage/Unit Overlap  
9: Rule of 21  
10: X-Wing  
11: Simple Colouring  
12: Sword-Fish  
Diabolical Strategies
13: X-Cycles  
14: XY-Chain  
15: 3D Medusa  
Exotic Strategies
16: Grouped X-Cycles  
17: Altern. Inference Chains 
18: Digit Forcing Chains  
19: Cell Forcing Chains  
20: Unit Forcing Chains  
21: Almost Locked Sets  
22: Quad Forcing Chains  

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Coordinate system: Letter/Number rYcX

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The Rules

All the digits 1 to 6 must appear in every row and column. In each coloured block (or 'cage'), the target number in the small board above is calculated from the digits in all the cells in the block, using the operation indicated.

Welcome to this KenKen® Solver

This is a Beta demonstration version exclusively for feedback.

Quick help: Using this Solver

You can pick examples from the list above. Click on Take Step to step through the solution. Unknown squares are filled with 'candidates' - possible solutions.
Any cells that are reduced to one possible candidate are solved.

You can enter a new KenKen puzzle using the new 'designer' - click on "Enter new KenKen". Once you fill in the clues and set up the cages correctly it can be solved.

Unlike the other solvers you can only edit the main board when solving. The small board only displays the clues.

New: Version 2.08 (Nov 28th 2013)
Better handling of incorrect solutions.

New: Version 2.07 (Jul 28th 2013)
Upgrade to the new Core Engine to include recent improvements.

New: Version 2.06 (Nov 23th 2011)
Added a check for trivial dog legs, for example the 3-cage 96x: Click here.

New: Version 2.05 (Oct 13th 2011)
Partial implementation of a new cage vs cage strategy.

New: Version 2.02 (May 26th 2011)
Added the 'Solve Order' grid. This is experimental.
It is generated from the Grader button

New: Version 2.01 (March 25th 2011)
Updated with all the new Sudoku and Killers (that apply), removed some depeciated ones and one strategy which was not applicable.

New: Version 1.03 (October 23rd 2009)
The examples in the selection list now come from the 6x6 player at They will be the most recent 20 up to yesterday.

New: Version 1.02 (Beta) (June 28th 2009)
KenKen Solver released

Solver created on 30-May-2009.

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