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The Relative Incidence of Sudoku Strategies (old)

From sudokuwiki.org, the puzzle solver's site
March 2012 data on 200,000 randomly produced puzzles.

Human Strategy 200000100.0%
Naked Singles 18038790.2%
Hidden Singles 9918549.6%
Naked Pairs 4517522.6%
Naked Triples 2135910.7%
Hidden Pairs 79424.0%
Hidden Triples 17370.9%
Naked Quads 2490.1%
Hidden Quads 00.0%
Tough Strategies
Intersection Removal 3469217.3%
Simple Colouring2003010.0%
XY-Chain 167248.4%
Diabolical Strategies
3D Medusa59503.0%
Avoidable Rectangle220.0%
Unique Rectangles17480.9%
Hidden Unique Rectangles 41852.1%
XYZ Wing 15390.8%
Aligned Pair Exclusion23131.2%
Extreme Strategies
Grouped X-Cycles18830.9%
Empty Rectangles1440.1%
Finned X-Wing11500.6%
Finned Swordfish8260.4%
Franken Swordfish 60.0030%
Altern. Inference Chains67773.4%
Strong Links 63013.2%
Weak Links 145147.3%
Off-chain 19511.0%
Digit Forcing Chains 9610.5%
Cell Forcing Chains9120.5%
Unit Forcing Chains2780.1390%
Sue-de-Coq 00.0%
Almost Locked Sets120.0060%
Death Blossom40.0020%
Pattern Overlay Method280.0140%
Quad Forcing Chains 520.0260%
Bowman Bingo 490.0245%