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Clearing Your Cache

Yes I know, its not 2010 anymore ;). However [CRTL]+[F5] is your friend. Forces a download of the whole page and every file linked to it. If that does not solve the problem then I probably haven't uploaded every changed file (so it's my fault). Happy to receive prods and alerts (

When the puzzle solvers are updated, sometimes your browser does not pick up the latest files. It may be using a copy stored locally. This will break the solver and prevent it running properly. It is simple to clear your cache and reload the web page. (You can also ask your browser to check for the latest files every time it visits a web page).

In Internet Exploder 8.0+ use:

How to clear Internet Explorer's cache

In Firefox (v3.5.7) use:

How to clear Firefox's cache


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Friday 15-May-2020

... by: Thomas

Problem still here. How do I clear cache using chrome?

Sunday 10-May-2020

... by: SaganAndroid

Love the site.

Can you please show us how to clear the cache ONLY for your site, not all the sites we visit?

Also please show examples for browsers like Opera and Chrome. Nobody use IE or FireFox any more.

Sunday 29-Sep-2019

... by: David Grindlay

Been trying to load version 2.07 all day without success.
I am using Chrome browser on android phone. I've cleared the cache, I've removed then reinstalled broswer to no avail.
I have loaded a new browser {opera}, but still doesn't work.

Any ideas,

Tuesday 5-Apr-2016

... by: mfdam

Love your solver. Helps with the design of puzzles for a retirement community. Thank you.

Friday 3-Jul-2015

... by: Michael

Cannot clear upgrade to 2.02 message using iPad and Safari - help please! Have tried reset of iPad to clear the system, but unfortunately does not work. I'm despondent!...

Thursday 2-Jul-2015

... by: Jim Grok

I've been trying to upgrade to 2.02 but can't get there. I'm using Chrome on Mac. I have deleted all browser data but the Upgrade Announcement keeps on reappearing.

The SudokuX solver is great and I can't live without it. Please help.

Friday 28-Feb-2014


Daily Telegraph puzzle 2812 from 10 Jan 2014 (Diabolical) fell apart after several brilliant Discontinuous loops at a so-called "hidden Quads" step

Friday 22-Feb-2013

... by: whuup

once in the killer solver, can't verify what puzzle I am working on. Shouldn't there be a title/date line display somewhere?
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