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#5964, July 22: The Daily Killer Sudoku Puzzle
Difficultylevel: Gentle
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A list of Cage Combinations is available, and you should also be aware of the Killer Cage Convention.

How to play Killer Sudoku

Killer is based on Sudoku, so ultimately you need to place the numbers 1 to 9 on all the cell so that 1 to 9 is unique in every row, column and box. However, you will have few, if any, completed cells in Killer. Instead, groups of cells form blocks or 'cages' - and the clue is the sum of the solutions to those squares. Each 'cage' is shown by a color or dashed line. A clue of '3' in a two-cell cage means those cells will contain 1 and 2 - but it won't be obvious which way round at the start of the puzzle.

Combinations are key to this puzzle at the outset, but all Sudoku strategies still apply. For more information take a look at these pages: Cell Combinations, Innies and Outies and Cage Splitting.

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