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Latest Changes and Additions

A quick list of the latest updates and additions to this site:

Date Created: Sunday 21-Jul-2024
Last Updated: Sunday 21-Jul-2024

Sudoku Solver - Version History
Date Created: Sunday 13-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Thursday 18-Jul-2024

Pattern Overlay
Date Created: Saturday 12-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Wednesday 17-Jul-2024
Sudoku Strategy. Pattern Overlay Method, or POM, is a strategy that overlays all possible combinations of candidate X and finds out what remains.

What's New
Date Created: Monday 17-Aug-2009
Last Updated: Tuesday 16-Jul-2024

Daily Jigsaw Sudoku
Date Created: Thursday 8-Sep-2011
Last Updated: Monday 15-Jul-2024
The Daily Jigsaw Sudoku puzzle by Andrew Stuart. This Jigsaw Sudoku can be completed directly on the web page - just enter numbers in the cells. Have fun!

Date Created: Sunday 12-Dec-2021
Last Updated: Sunday 7-Jul-2024
Sudoku Fireworks Strategy invented by Shye

Custom Jigsaw Shapes
Date Created: Wednesday 19-Jun-2024
Last Updated: Wednesday 19-Jun-2024

Date Created: Thursday 30-May-2024
Last Updated: Thursday 6-Jun-2024

Daily Hard Codewords
Date Created: Tuesday 28-May-2024
Last Updated: Tuesday 28-May-2024

The Relative Incidence of Sudoku Strategies
Date Created: Thursday 31-Dec-2009
Last Updated: Friday 17-May-2024
This gives some idea of the relative incidence of Sudoku strategies based on the programs I was operating in 2009. It needs updating now with the new balance of strategies currently being employed.