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Rebuild of Puzzles Sites after Hack

Thanks everyone for their patience after the 7th February hack which destroyed the whole server. Most pieces have been put back together although there is a multi-year loss of comments to pages, puzzle submissions comments and subscription accounts. There is a 20% chance of me recovering most of this data. More information here

If you are searching for puzzles or how to solve logical puzzles like Sudoku then you are in the right place. Andrew's carefully calibrated Sudoku puzzles and variants have been published in major newspapers and puzzle books for many years. He has published a book on the Logic of Sudoku and supports seven highly acclaimed step-by-step solvers. Andrew works full time at Syndicated Puzzles Inc.

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  • Looking for help with Sudoku?

    There are now solvers for Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Windoku Sudoku, Sudoku X, Killer Sudoku, Colour Sudoku, KenKen and KenDoku and extensive strategy documentation.

    Looking for puzzles for your local newspaper?

    We have a great no-cost solution for any community newsletter, magazine, school or collage newspaper: Print ready Str8ts and/or Sudoku files in PDF format - simply register and download. Our four layouts are organized into five time periods: 3 times a week, twice a week, weekly, every two weeks and monthly. For Daily prints, please let us quote.
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    Sudoku + Str8ts

    This is also the home page for Andrew Stuart, Internet Applications developer, consultant, contractor and creator of Scanraid Search Technology products.

    Other Tools: index.dat Analyser

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