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#5640, July 21: The Daily Jigsaw Sudoku

Welcome to the Daily Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle.

This Jigsaw Sudoku can be completed directly on the web page - just enter numbers in the cells. Or print it as well.

All-Access Supporters can play all four grades.
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New Player. Had a lot of requests for a number pad version of the player since keyboards are too big and clunky on many phone devices. But don't worry desktop users! You can revert to the normal player in the new settings popup. Click on the cog icon. Also allows me to declutter a little moving things into there. Update also stops the timer resetting on refresh. On the Daily Sudoku we have a [Check] button as I know many people continue to use the old players because of that. No [Check] allowed on the Weekly Unsolvable however. Any bugs please let me know!

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