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Brand New to this site!

Welcome to the Daily Codewords Puzzle.
This Codeword can be completed directly on the web page - just enter letters in the cells.
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... by: Charp

Saturday 25-May-2024
Hey Andrew, what is "gazzer" from yesterday's codewords? I looked it up, but didn't have any luck. Love your puzzles. (Still?Always!)
Andrew Stuart writes:
True! I have a hard time with that one. I'll try and see what source it came from although the word list was compiled quite some time ago.
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... by: Dad Can

Wednesday 8-May-2024
I have been playing Codewords now since it started. Really like it. I make videos of it on my YouTube Channel, Dad Can Thr33 if you are interested
Andrew Stuart writes:
Cheers Dad Can, I've watched a few!
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... by: Mike

Sunday 5-May-2024
really like this puzzle.
Can you set it up to do old puzzles from before I started?
Thanks Mike
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thanks Mike! That could be done. I have 30 day archives of other puzzles. It's the sort of extension I'd like to offer supporters. Depends if/how the puzzle takes off. I also have LetterLogic and other grid sizes.
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... by: Vicus

Saturday 16-Mar-2024
I like Codewords. Thanks for it! I'm not too good in English (without dictionary) but using the basic logic of language it's easy to solve it even for me. About 10 minutes each.

... by: jgrab

Sunday 25-Feb-2024
Thanks for this new challenge! Even as a non-native speaker (German), I was able to solve it within a reasonable time.

... by: Scotty

Sunday 25-Feb-2024
It let me use a letter twice I think 16 and 19 altho I was able to fix it. My first time on this puzzle, liked it, solved it!
Andrew Stuart writes:
Yep. Will permit that by design otherwise it becomes a little bit easier. Gratz for finishing!
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... by: Ross Trusler

Tuesday 6-Feb-2024
The new puzzle is enjoyable. However, much tedium could be avoided if there was a way to highlight all the cells with a particular number.

The browser's own search feature is inexact since there are single and double digit numbers.

Using the code key on the left to highlight would be especially useful when having to find errors at the end of the process.

Also, using FF latest, the right-most column is half cut off / not visible, until I entered a letter in one of the cells
Andrew Stuart writes:
Try now Ross. Is a danger of being too helpful but this could be an improvement
Ross Trusler replies:Thursday 8-Feb-2024
I find this very helpful, especially as the eyes age. So thank you!

However, I can see that some people might enjoy the additional challenge, and so I suggest you make the highlighting optional.
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... by: Trudy

Wednesday 31-Jan-2024
Great to see a new puzzle. But I wanted to let you know that I can only see 2/3rds of the letters on my IPAD the bottom half of each letter is missing. I hope you can fix.
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thanks for the feedback. Hard for me to test as I don't have an iPad but I can check in the browsers emulator. Gives me something to look at and I've made some tweaks. Do let me know if it looks better now. Probably landscape orientation will work better.
Pilot John replies:Wednesday 7-Feb-2024
Andrew, I also am missing a portion of the puzzle on my Mac. Assuming the maze to be 19x19, I am not able to see the right 2-1/2 columns.
Andrew Stuart writes:
Checked on a family members Mac and the screen shot they sent looks ok. Do you have any zoom turned up on your browser? Font size boost can distort my layout.
Trevor replies:Wednesday 28-Feb-2024
I am also having trouble viewing this new puzzle. On my android phone i have the right side of the puzzle missing. The last 5 columns missing. I have also tried on my ipad and i can see all the puzzle but the letters do not fully show in the individual boxes . The botton third of each letter is missing. Such a shame as i love codewords and would like to do it.
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... by: Pieter Newtown

Wednesday 31-Jan-2024
Hi Andrew
I was very excited to discover the Daily Codewords today. I love Codeword puzzles! 😀

Ciao, Pieter
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