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Welcome to the Daily Codewords Puzzle.
This Codeword can be completed directly on the web page - just enter letters in the cells.
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Comments here pertain to corrections to the text, not the subject itself

... by: Bill

Monday 26-Feb-2024
using Safari 17.2.1 - the Q displays as a o ex: Que -> Oue
Andrew Stuart writes:
Yeah bit of a problem and I wish I had an Apple device to test it on. Need to find a font that still looks decent but fit the space. I think it's just clipping the tail. In my job queue to fix
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... by: Charp

Saturday 17-Feb-2024
I can't get to Codewords from the Str8ts Main Page. It says something like "no article." I can access it from the Daily Killer page.
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thanks and Fixed. I am such a terrible tester. Can't believe it.
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... by: Ross Trusler

Thursday 8-Feb-2024
February 8th's puzzle includes a racial slur or derogatory term for an Indigenous woman in North America.

Using such a word for entertainment purposes is not constructive, and shouldn't be considered acceptable.
Andrew Stuart writes:
I've taken your advice on this and removed it from my word list and any future Codeword, however I don't think it's as clear cut taboo as suggested. The word list tilts towards British English but I'm aware a large chunk of readers are from the states. There's a bit of history and striving behind the list which could be worth a post in the near future.

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