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#4793, , April 14: The Daily Kakuro Puzzle

Welcome to the Daily Kakuro Puzzle.

This Kakuro can be completed directly on the web page - just enter numbers in the cells.
But of course you can print it as well.

Monday, Wednesday : Gentle
Thursday, Sunday : Moderate
Saturday : Tough
Tuesday, Friday : Diabolical



... by: sylvia

Tuesday 18-Jul-2023
For several days the Kakuro on the screen is not the correct level.Today, Tuesday, it shows a one star Kakuro, not a four star as expected.The printable version on the other hand is different .It is Diabolical. I really enjoy the Kukoru and would appreciate a table of previous days like you have for the other puzzles. Thanks again for your great site.

... by: ralph maier

Monday 19-Jun-2023
I would like to propose a bit of help for solving kakuro. In the killer sudoku we have pages withh combinations for youcan the possible ways toexpress as a sum .If you could make this pages to the kakuro puzzles it would help a lotrguh3

... by: sylvia

Wednesday 1-Feb-2023
Yes, it helps! Strangely I got one perfect copy but after that a few copies with some of the lines missing. Still good enough to work with. Thanks very much.

... by: sylvia

Sunday 29-Jan-2023
When I try to print Kakuro I get numbers only, no lines or black cells. I have no such problem with the other games except for Str8ts where I get lines but no black cells. There I simply black out on the printed page. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks for a great site!
Andrew Stuart writes:
You are right. First thing is to tick "Print Background-images" in the print options. There is nothing I can explicitly do as the browser and printer make certain decisions but I've increased the line width and made some css adjustments. I can only print to PDF where I am so would be pleased to know if this works. Let me know - [Del]
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