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The Logic of Sudoku

The Logic of Sudoku This is the definitive book of Sudoku strategies and a "must have" for every logic puzzle enthusiast. Everything you'll ever need to know about solving Sudoku is here in one volume. Packed with schemes that explain the how, where and why of Sudoku solving, The Logic of Sudoku will allow you to tame even the most recalcitrant puzzles.

Andrew C Stuart is the one of the world's foremost experts in Sudoku strategy and well as a designer of many new logical puzzles published in newspapers around the world. Many years of work have now been concentrated into a volume that is designed for the Sudoku enthusiast. The Logic of Sudoku is written in everyday language and includes numerous tutorials and examples that will engage any Sudoku fan for many happy hours.

Sold Out
256 Pages
58 Sudoku Strategies explained
1 Year in production
196 illustrations and diagrams, 68 exercises and puzzles
Specific Jigsaw and Killer Strategies
Solve any Tough, Diabolical or Extreme
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For those who own the book a Resources Page exists
with addenda and links to the solver for the examples used in the book.

Subjects Covered
  • Known and Unknown in Sudoku
  • How Many Sudoku Puzzles Are There?
  • What Is the Minimum Number of Clues?
  • Logical Strategies and Trial and Error
  • 2. Starting Out
  • 3. Naked Pairs
  • 4. Naked Triples
  • 5. Naked Quads
  • 6. Hidden Pairs
  • 7. Hidden Triples
  • 8. Hidden Quads
  • 9. Pointing Pairs
  • 10. Box/Line Reduction
  • 11. The X-Wing Family
  • 12. Swordfish
  • 13. Jellyfish
  • 14. Generalizing X-Wing
  • 15. Seeing Is Believing
  • 16. Simple Colouring (or Chains)
  • 17. Multi-Colouring, Types 1 and 2
  • 18. Y-Wing Strategy
  • 19. XYZ-Wing Strategy
  • 20. WXYZ-Wing Strategy
  • 21. Y-Wing Chains
  • 22. XY-Chain Strategy
  • 23. Remote Pairs
  • 24. Forcing Chains
  • The Dual Forcing Chain
  • The Triple Forcing Chain
  • 25. X-Cycles Introducing Nice Loops
  • Nice Loop Rule 1
  • Discontinuous X-Cycles
  • Nice Loop Rule 2
  • Nice Loop Rule 3
  • 26. Grouped X-Cycles
  • 27. Alternating Inference Chains
  • Grouped Alternating Inference Chains
  • 29. Almost Locked Sets (ALSs)
  • The Almost Locked Set XZ Rule
  • 30. Almost Locked Sets in Chains
  • 31. Finned and Filleted X-Wings
  • The Sashimi Observation
  • 32. Pattern Overlay Method
  • 33. Fillet-o-Fish Strategy
  • Filleting Generalized
  • 34. Aligned Pair Exclusion
  • Extended Aligned Pair Exclusion
  • 35. Empty Rectangles
  • 36. Sue-de-Coq
  • 37. Death Blossom
  • 38. Unique Rectangles
  • Spotting the “Deadly Pattern”
  • Type 1 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 2 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 2b Unique Rectangles
  • Type 3 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 4 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 4b Unique Rectangles
  • 39. The Hidden Unique Rectangle
  • 40. Avoidable Rectangles
  • Other Avoidable Rectangles
  • 41. Bi-Value Universal Grave
  • 42. Jigsaw Sudoku: The Law of Leftovers
  • 44. Killer Sudoku
  • 45. Cell Combinations Strategy
  • 46. Innies and Outies
  • 47. Cage Splitting



... by: Francois

Sunday 13-Feb-2022
Hello, I'd like to know how I might get a legit virtual copy of the book.
Thank you kindly
Andrew Stuart writes:
Like a PDF? I might be able to make one of those fairly easily. I know I made all the corrections I found after publishing the book in 2007, but I'd like to add some more chapters. Any more demand for this?
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... by: YingYuan

Sunday 13-Feb-2022
Where can I get this book?
Real paper copy or ebook form is OK with me.

... by: DeeDee

Friday 21-Feb-2020
I too would like a print version of your book. I solve sudoku on the couch, with an erasible whiteboard, and refer to my current sudoku solving instruction pages all the time. Plus I' give a copy to my puzzle solving brother. (PS I love this website too!)

... by: Chaz4r

Tuesday 15-Oct-2019
I would really like a copy of your book but can only find other stores selling it at outrageous prices ($200!).
Can you help?
Many thanks
Andrew Stuart writes:
I have no idea who these people are who are trying to sell my book at such a ridiculous price. And I only have a few personal copies of my own now. I would like to publish a new edition, at minimum to correct some of the errors in the original. But I'd be duplicating the content of the website which has been honed beautifully by many people pointing out typos or making suggestions. If I did so but with new examples I'd be introducing new mistakes no matter how careful I was. If I merely packaged the website into an ebook then people would complain that the content was already available for free on the website.

So it's a difficult question as to whether I should or could make a new print or ebook version.
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... by: Joel

Sunday 22-Sep-2019
I'd love an update to the e-book version if that's still in the works!

... by: Ink

Saturday 20-Jul-2019
What’s happened to plans for releasing The Logic of Sudoku as an e-book? Has it been shelved? An update would be appreciated. Thanks.

... by: Brian A Collamer

Friday 29-Mar-2019
Hi Andrew,

Another vote for a kindle version here...........


... by: referee

Tuesday 20-Feb-2018
I would also love to be able to read this book. Any info on digital version or reprint? ;)

... by: Michael

Monday 11-Dec-2017
Any updates on an ebook version of this book, it would be much appreciated if such a thing existed.

... by: frankmcd33

Tuesday 28-Feb-2017
Hello Andrew,

Tomorrow is March 1. How are your update efforts and e-book birth coming along? Just can't bring myself to spend $100++ for the older editions, but would do so with unbridled enthusiasm for your latest.



... by: Darren

Tuesday 27-Dec-2016
Hey Andrew,

We are entering 2017. To date I have not seen a page or even a preview of your book. Any update on the e-book release? Would love to have the complete book especially after having seen the quality of your work on this website.

An update would be greatly appreciated.

... by: Anna

Sunday 14-Feb-2016
I so want this book but cannot afford $100 US dollars for it. Is it in print anywhere?
Thank you,

... by: PEYRE Christian

Sunday 20-Sep-2015

Can you tell me how to buy the book "The logic of SUDOKU"


Best regards
Andrew Stuart writes:
All sold I'm afraid, but I am hoping to make an e-Book with everything up-to-date
I'll certainly post on the site when this is closer to being finished
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... by: Carlos Kanaan

Sunday 23-Nov-2014
I bought this book and it definitely is as good as the author says it to be. Ive learned so much in solving difficult Sudoku's. I've always been interested in this fulfilling and satisfying game and reading Andrew's book has helped me immensely. Thankyou very much...
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thank you!
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... by: bob archibald

Saturday 22-Nov-2014
Will you notify all your "faithful followers" when the email edition, and/or reprint of your Logic books appears? Thanks. Bob
Andrew Stuart writes:
I certainly will!
Thanks for the encouragement. It's quite a daunting task, mainly the proofing
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... by: Sam Wilson

Monday 22-Sep-2014
Please let me know when your e-book is available.

Thanks -- Sam

... by: Baker Eliz

Sunday 10-Aug-2014
Dang! I've been looking for a good solotions book it seems forever (off and on). Finally find one and it is sold out. Please let me know if you reprint, do the ebook, or want to part with one of your few precious copies remaining. My husband and I have been addicted for almost ten years now, play every day, and travel wifh our sudoko books. Hard puzzles are not easy to find. France had some of the best--they were graded in levels up to 10, i believe. The levels 9 and 10 were our favorites. Good advanced technique books are very hard to find. Please keep me posted. Thanks.
Andrew Stuart writes:
Yes I do intend to make an e-book, a new edition of the Logic of Sudoku. Hopefully by the end of the year
I'll post on the site when ready!
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... by: Harold

Friday 6-Jun-2014
Your excellent book has been my trusty companion for the past few years. It has helped me tremendously. My copy is now getting dog eared from constant use. I came here hoping to pick up a fresh copy. Sadly too late. The good news is there are used copies available on Amazon.
One suggestion; an ipad or android app would be a good alternative to an e-book. It could reach a wider audience. Good luck and keep up the good work
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thanks Harold. By the way, all the strategy documentation is inside the Solver Apps
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... by: Andrew Stuart

Sunday 6-Apr-2014
Yep, they are all gone.
Except a few on my shelf.
I'd like to thank everyone who has bought this book. Maybe recently, maybe some years ago. It's drawn a lot of fantastic correspondence over the years and I really enjoyed putting it together. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and with time, with some great new ideas appearing, mainly from busy solvers like you. Everything in the book remains true and I'd love to see a second edition. My plan is something along the lines of an e-Book taking advantage of the color and interactivity available.
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