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The Logic of Sudoku

The Logic of Sudoku This is the definitive book of Sudoku strategies and a "must have" for every logic puzzle enthusiast. Everything you'll ever need to know about solving Sudoku is here in one volume. Packed with schemes that explain the how, where and why of Sudoku solving, The Logic of Sudoku will allow you to tame even the most recalcitrant puzzles.

Andrew C Stuart is the one of the world's foremost experts in Sudoku strategy and well as a designer of many new logical puzzles published in newspapers around the world. Many years of work have now been concentrated into a volume that is designed for the Sudoku enthusiast. The Logic of Sudoku is written in everyday language and includes numerous tutorials and examples that will engage any Sudoku fan for many happy hours.

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256 Pages
58 Sudoku Strategies explained
1 Year in production
196 illustrations and diagrams, 68 exercises and puzzles
Specific Jigsaw and Killer Strategies
Solve any Tough, Diabolical or Extreme
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For those who own the book a Resources Page exists
with addenda and links to the solver for the examples used in the book.

Subjects Covered
  • Known and Unknown in Sudoku
  • How Many Sudoku Puzzles Are There?
  • What Is the Minimum Number of Clues?
  • Logical Strategies and Trial and Error
  • 2. Starting Out
  • 3. Naked Pairs
  • 4. Naked Triples
  • 5. Naked Quads
  • 6. Hidden Pairs
  • 7. Hidden Triples
  • 8. Hidden Quads
  • 9. Pointing Pairs
  • 10. Box/Line Reduction
  • 11. The X-Wing Family
  • 12. Swordfish
  • 13. Jellyfish
  • 14. Generalizing X-Wing
  • 15. Seeing Is Believing
  • 16. Simple Colouring (or Chains)
  • 17. Multi-Colouring, Types 1 and 2
  • 18. Y-Wing Strategy
  • 19. XYZ-Wing Strategy
  • 20. WXYZ-Wing Strategy
  • 21. Y-Wing Chains
  • 22. XY-Chain Strategy
  • 23. Remote Pairs
  • 24. Forcing Chains
  • The Dual Forcing Chain
  • The Triple Forcing Chain
  • 25. X-Cycles Introducing Nice Loops
  • Nice Loop Rule 1
  • Discontinuous X-Cycles
  • Nice Loop Rule 2
  • Nice Loop Rule 3
  • 26. Grouped X-Cycles
  • 27. Alternating Inference Chains
  • Grouped Alternating Inference Chains
  • 29. Almost Locked Sets (ALSs)
  • The Almost Locked Set XZ Rule
  • 30. Almost Locked Sets in Chains
  • 31. Finned and Filleted X-Wings
  • The Sashimi Observation
  • 32. Pattern Overlay Method
  • 33. Fillet-o-Fish Strategy
  • Filleting Generalized
  • 34. Aligned Pair Exclusion
  • Extended Aligned Pair Exclusion
  • 35. Empty Rectangles
  • 36. Sue-de-Coq
  • 37. Death Blossom
  • 38. Unique Rectangles
  • Spotting the “Deadly Pattern”
  • Type 1 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 2 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 2b Unique Rectangles
  • Type 3 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 4 Unique Rectangles
  • Type 4b Unique Rectangles
  • 39. The Hidden Unique Rectangle
  • 40. Avoidable Rectangles
  • Other Avoidable Rectangles
  • 41. Bi-Value Universal Grave
  • 42. Jigsaw Sudoku: The Law of Leftovers
  • 44. Killer Sudoku
  • 45. Cell Combinations Strategy
  • 46. Innies and Outies
  • 47. Cage Splitting


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