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Tuesday 6-Sep-2022

... by: iOS Dev


For those asking about the iOS app. I wrote the app. I worked on it pretty much full time for about 6 months to get it out (alongside my actual full time job).

In all that time I think I received about £5 from the owner of the Sudoku Wiki site.

Unfortunately the project files are gone and the app will not be updated.

I wish I had done things differently and I’m sure Sudoku Wiki feels the same. It’s good to hear that people enjoyed using it. It was the first app that I had written on the App Store and I approached Sudoku Wiki to ask if they wanted the app.

If I had the files it would be a good project to approach and release again myself. But they’re long gone now. No idea where they are.

Thanks for the interest in the iOS app though.

Tuesday 7-Dec-2021

... by: JT

Any news on an app for Iphone ?

Wednesday 1-Jul-2020

... by: Rosemarie

I love your site! I would love to play Sudoku, but I cannot figure out how to edit the contents of a cell so that it shows the possible choices for the cell. (The little numbers around the box) I've figured out how to edit the cell to show just the one number that is the answer for that cell. (One big number in the middle.) I've looked all around the site, but I cannot find instructions on how to play Sudoku.

Can you please help me with this.

I hope this makes sense.

Sunday 5-Apr-2020

... by: Sarah


Just downloaded this app onto my phone, but could not work out how to play it. Is there an instruction book or video somewhere?


Monday 4-Mar-2019

... by: Ace

looking for the solution to Daily Killer Soduko # 3950 from January 16. Please help.

Friday 19-Oct-2018

... by: Melanie Gampel

Please tell me how I can find and re-download that wonderful sudoku wiki app for the iPad - the app where I am able to fill a blank grid from outside sources So convenient to test and practice. Installed this about seven years ago and now it’s lost with dead iPad. Please don’t tell me RIP.BRU54

Wednesday 17-Jan-2018

... by: Nick Fardon

Dear Andrew,
Like others who have posted recently, I was so sorry to see the iPhone app stop working with iOS 11. No other app that I have been able to find walks the user through the steps to solving puzzles.
I see the note that you do nott have the project files to update from. Is there any way around this? Having put so much work into it in the past I am sure you will be trying. If the more difficult steps (chains, cycles, Medusa etc) could be more fully explained, as others have suggested, even better.
If the product was reworked and improved, I would expect to be charged again for the app.
Hopefully yours.

Sunday 24-Dec-2017

... by: Peter van Beek

Hi, Andrew

ASU wrote

... by: ASU

I find the app really useful and fun. However, as soon as things get hard (chains, cycles, medusa, coloring, and so on), the app provides only hints but there is no way of for example mark links, colors, etc in the window. At least not that I have found. Finding triplets, pointing pairs, hidden singles and all those are straigthforward since you can highlight and this makes things very easy. Am I missing something really basic in the app? I use the iphone app on an ipad (nice large numbers are easier to see!).

I did send you a mail whit the request to add the functionality as discribed by ASU.
(Possibility to color candidates (ON/OFF) and connect them (lines))

It would be a great help for me
Andrew Stuart writes:

Yes this is something I'd like to add to the next version, for sure. It's not simple but I'll do my best. What do you think of the chain display and methods on the website sudoku solver? Does that help or work for you? Should that be implemented. Or just a manual on/off+line method. Or both?

Sunday 29-Oct-2017

... by: Cabowden

Please, please update the IOS version. I have loved and used this for years to learn why I was stuck on Sudokus from various sources, including calendars and the daily cruise line puzzles. I really appreciate the logic steps. They are awesome

Wednesday 11-Oct-2017

... by: Koop88

Hey I just paid for the app. Used it for less than a week and updated to iOS 11. What is the time frame to be able to use the app in iOS 11

Friday 22-Sep-2017

... by: BrianG27

Do you plan on updating your app for IOS 11. You current app no longer works for iPhones on IOS 11.

Thank you

Tuesday 27-Dec-2016

... by: ASU


I find the app really useful and fun. However, as soon as things get hard (chains, cycles, medusa, coloring, and so on), the app provides only hints but there is no way of for example mark links, colors, etc in the window. At least not that I have found. Finding triplets, pointing pairs, hidden singles and all those are straigthforward since you can highlight and this makes things very easy. Am I missing something really basic in the app? I use the iphone app on an ipad (nice large numbers are easier to see!).

Monday 14-Sep-2015

... by: kasmar45


Here I am back again with yet more questions about Sudoku. I heard a term in reference to solving Sudoku puzzles that I am unfamiliar with. It is suppose to be a method for solving unsolvable puzzles. It is called.. CONFLICT/COALESCE. Has anybody heard of this or know what it is. I can find nothing about it on the internet. There does not seem to be a global list of Sudoku terms so it may be called something else. I sure would like to know what it is and if there is anyplace I can go to learn about this.


Tuesday 28-Jul-2015

... by: Phil

Will you make the app for Blackberry devices?
Andrew Stuart writes:

No plans to, unless someone enthusiastic wants to partner on the project. Can't guarantee sales will exceed costs though!

Tuesday 19-May-2015

... by: Jade

I was surprised to see you have a "Tim Tang" jigsaw sudoku grid. I was wondering if you'd be willing/able to to an additional Tim Tang jigsaw based on the shape of the grid in the new level 35.3?

Monday 24-Nov-2014

... by: BenVT

Thanks for the reply. I love the app by the way, it's great. A player mode would be awesome! Thanks


Saturday 22-Nov-2014

... by: BenVT

Hi there...I'm a little congused. Is the app only for solving puzzles you can't get thru? I've been trying to play a puzzle and with candidates "on" I can't figure out how to solve a cell...only leave a single candidate. Please help thx. When candidates off. ..can solve cell
Andrew Stuart writes:

Currently it works like a solver. What you are asking for is a "player" mode which is a good idea. With candidates "on" you have to leave one candidate in the cell and "take step" will change that into a big number. It does have to be too modes because the solver will always overwrite any small number changes you make, which will be confusing if you don’t notice. "player" mode will change have to limit "take step" to the sanity check only. I think that will be the better way to handle the two types of interaction. I will add "player mode" to the next release

Friday 5-Sep-2014


Our sudoku group isn't big on mobiles and smart phones. How hard would it be arrange a PC
down-loadable app or alternative?

Friday 14-Jun-2013

... by: Frédéric

No update since a very long time for iOS. What a pity.

Sunday 24-Mar-2013

... by: alain maronani

I did download your apps for android phone.

After entering a new puzzle it is impossible to get it into the solver. Did try double tapping, and so on, nothing works.

I am stuck with the screen Enter a new Puzzle. That's all.

Can not save in favorites also.

HTC Desire C
Android 4.0.3, software version 2.00.631.5
HTC Sense 4.0

Sunday 17-Mar-2013

... by: Bill

Do you sell or know of an app that I can purchase (mac) when not on line, that allows me to color cells when practicing the techniques I'm studying in your book that I have bought?

Saturday 23-Feb-2013

... by: Adolph Dupre

Love the site. Please email me if/when you get a windows version.

Saturday 16-Feb-2013

... by: Jan

thanks for the iphone app.
I've learned a lot form the website so i figure you more than deserve to be my sudoku app of choice

Saturday 29-Dec-2012

... by: Boffin

It would be far more useful to have a Windows version.
Andrew Stuart writes:

I think that is definitely going to happen. Within three months if not sooner ;)

Tuesday 15-May-2012

... by: RoC1909


It was my pleasure giving you the compliment. I bought your book and have found it immensely helpful toward my mastering of Sudoku, and am really looking forward to your Android app so I can have my sudoku fix on the go.

Thanks a bunch!

Monday 20-Feb-2012

... by: Frederic alias John

please, put more screen shot :) we can't wait anymore...
Looking forward playing your sudoku solver on iPhone.

Wednesday 15-Feb-2012

... by: Chris

I would be happy with a version for Windows Phone !

Tuesday 14-Feb-2012

... by: p bolsnd

Please put me on your email list. I love the web site. Cant wait on the app!

Friday 10-Feb-2012

... by: Paul Can2

At risk of being redundant with so many of your other readers...I simply want to thank you for your web site. It is professional, concise, easy to understand and navigate. I had been doing Sudoku for about 6 months now and have been frustrated with knowing there has to be more "techiques" than the simple ones I was I know. Although this game sometimes still frustrates me, I now have better tools to apply. ......and for this I thank you!

Monday 6-Feb-2012

... by: RoC1909

As Arthur mentioned in his post, I would love to see a "hint type of system" similar to how it is in the "Enjoy Sudoku" app. If the player is stuck, the app will give a hint like "Look for a fish" or "look for a chain." Either way, this is shaping up to be an amazing app and I can hardly wait for the Android version.

Saturday 4-Feb-2012

... by: Louie

Sign me up. I use the browser version all the time!

Wednesday 25-Jan-2012

... by: Wolfie

Great idea to bring it to mobile! I would love to test it out, or maybe even develop it for Android!

Thursday 19-Jan-2012

... by: Walt

Would like to see a version that will work on the NOOK
I picked up a NOOK to use when traveling so I don't have to drag my laptop and would enjoy having my sudoku solver with me.

Sunday 8-Jan-2012

... by: Cyndie

Would love to beta test the mobile version--how do I sign up?

Sunday 8-Jan-2012

... by: Raden Agung

I really really apreciate this sudoku solver.very needs this software soon.from your web i've got solve sudoku on 1112 game eps.2 :-)

Monday 26-Dec-2011

... by: John

Hi Andrew,
What a pleasure to see at last a first picture of your sudoku solver.It seems to be good. I'm looking forward to test it.

Thursday 22-Dec-2011

... by: Arthur

Love to become a beta tester, or heck even help with the development.

Something I'd love to see is, instead of "Take a step", add a "Give me a hint" option. The hint would do the "take a step" functions, but instead of updating the grid, it would display a message like "Look for an XYZ-wing".

Monday 19-Dec-2011

... by: Jim

Any chance of being a beta tester?
I've got your book.

I'm trying to grasp the advanced and diabolical strategies.

I have Frank Longo's book of "nasty" Sudokus.

I'm pulling my hair out, and I don't have much more to pull!
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