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Sudoku Solver for iPhone

Released 30th April 2012
Now in the AppStore

Our SudokuWiki Solver App for the iPhone/iPod touch is now four years old. Some users on the latest iOS versions are reporting that Apple is reporting that the App is giving the message "The developer of this app must update this app in order to improve the compatibility". I would love to do that but unfortunately I don't possess the source project files (other than the Core Sudoku Engine). Although I have tinkered with some Apps in iOS this platform is not really in my skill-set. I am much more comfortable with Android and continue to main that App.

If there is a developer out there who would be interested in redeveloping this project either for a fixed fee or a share of the sales, then please contact me. I'd want to base the new version on the Android for which full source can be provided. Contact me on andrew AT str8ts .com.

Do give us your Feedback Form - especially new ideas - on this page or on the Apple Store.
Our App Support Page is here. We'll post updates to this page.

Sudoku Solver and Grader
This App contains the full 9x9 Sudoku Solver as seen on this website. This includes the Grading feature and Solution Counter.
Strategy Guides
Included are all the strategy documentation found on this site and each example can be loaded into the solver at a click.
Puzzle Feed
The Daily and Weekly puzzles on this site are now automatically downloaded into the App!
Camera Input
We're very pleased to include a camera input directly from the App. Click, check and load into the solver.
Keep track of the puzzles you solve with an almost limitless list entry - each nameable.
New to our solver - Instead of just "Take Step" use "Hint" to give you the strategy to look for without revealing the answers.
Resume / Back
Better than the website with real 'state' saving - quit and resume any time. Also a start to end 'back' button.
Email and Facebook
Send to your friends via Email or Facebook. Links back to the solver enable easy loading of shared puzzles.
Screen Shot 1
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The SudokuWiki Solver App has all the cell and candidate highlighting used on the website version. Here and XY-Chain is found.
Note: Screen shots have been shrunk by half

Next build - released!

  • We have added an automatic download of the four Daily Sudoku puzzles (one of each grade) plus the Sunday Extreme Sudoku AND the weekly Unsolvable. These will be stored in the list of available puzzles for easy loading. This website allows you to play one of the four Daily Sudoku - the other three are available through syndication and on the 5 Daily Puzzles app.

Next build and Version 2

  • Our immediate plan after release of version 1 will be to create an iPad version of this solver. With the iPhone version done it is 90% ready. We just need to take advantage of the great space afforded by the iPad
  • Concurrent with the iPad version will be the first build of the Android version.
  • Version 2 will start to include Solvers for other variants, to be added in this order: Sudoku X (because it's the easiest), Killer Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Colour Sudoku.
  • On our wish list for version 2 - add a Sudoku 'Player' with a feed from this website so you can solve the Daily Sudoku puzzles - and if you get stuck, carry them over to the solver.
  • From recent feedback we know that your wish list includes a 'hint' system. This will enable you to use the solver as a player and the "take step" would suggest a strategy at any stage. This is a very interesting feature and I will prototype it on the website solver first. - this is now in the released version!
  • Various Sizes will also be considered: 6x6 and 8x8

If you want to add something to this list or make a point about how the solver should work, please let me know, either write to me at, or use the Feedback or leave a comment or Facebook comment here on this page.

All ideas welcome

best regards

Andrew Stuart and Oliver Foggin



... by: Frédéric

Friday 14-Jun-2013
No update since a very long time for iOS. What a pity.

... by: Mal Williams

Wednesday 8-May-2013
Is the Sudoku wiki in the app store compatible with the ipad or are you releasing a different app for the ipad. The documentation is a bit confusing.
Many Thanks

... by: Frederic

Friday 1-Mar-2013

I've just seen android pictures version and it seems that it got a better interface than iOS version. Have you planed to make an update for iOS?
Android version got options that iOS version don't have. Please update iOS version. Thank you.
And what about iPad version ?

... by: Bill Leonhardt

Friday 28-Dec-2012
Andrew -

Any update on when the iPad version will be ready?

I love the app on the iPhone but am looking forward to the iPad version taking advantage of the larger screen size.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

... by: Frederic

Monday 30-Apr-2012
Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your answer and for this great Sudoku Wiki.
It's amazing to have your solver on my iPhone and solve sudoku anywhere.
I've made a revue on the apple store and I have a request for your next update.

It would be great to have an option to auto create a grid according to the number of clues and grade.

Thank you again and go on that way ;-)
By the way the price is very fine. Less expensive than other sudoku and more efficient than others.

Best Regards, Frederic
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thanks Frederic
On your suggestion we've posted an updated version which has the better grabbing of a sudoku string in any amount of clipboard text. No sure what the approval time will be, could be one day or a week.
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... by: Frederic

Saturday 14-Apr-2012
What a very good news and thank you for screenshots.

Is the iPad version will be universal?
If we pay for iPhone, will we be able to update for iPad version ?

Regards, Frederic
Andrew Stuart writes:
Yes and Yes
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... by: Marcel

Monday 20-Feb-2012
The OCR feature sounds cool. You might want to contact the guy who wrote 'AR sudoku solver', he already tackled the problem.

... by: Kjmiles

Sunday 11-Dec-2011
I have been a huge fan of this solver for a few years. The way the steps are constructed for checking are excellent and educational for process. I am also excited to see an iPad version as it is tedious to enter numbers. As a "non-expert" I'd love to get more of a beginners explanation of some of the more advanced solving techniques. Specifically, how to spot when to use these techniques and maybe a "here's one for you to try" example once one has a good idea of how to use each one.

... by: Pieter, Newtown, Australia

Thursday 3-Nov-2011
Re: Anthony Shortland's suggestion for the "dot" method - Wow! Someone else who uses dots - I thought I was the only one! Invaluable in those printed puzzles in the newspaper that don't have enough space to write the candidate numbers - so I imagine similarly useful on small phone screens.

Andrew - maybe each cell could actually be programmed with 9 sub-cells. Select the cell then hit a number to put a number in that cell. Select a cell, then a sub-cell to put a candidate in. May need a pen type manual pointing device for user accuracy, or sharp fingernails! ;-)

... by: Georg Biburger

Tuesday 1-Nov-2011
I am already a big fan of your webpage - I can´t wait to see it on my iphone
thank you

... by: John

Sunday 30-Oct-2011
Hi Andrew.
I discovered your solver for a long time now and the idea to see this solver on iPhone, well, what a very good thing. I played a lot of sudoku for mobile phone but none of them had the same functionnalities.
I saw that you were looking for beta tester and I would be very proud to be one of them.
Best regard.

... by: RoC1909

Tuesday 25-Oct-2011
This is the first time I have viewed your site and I am highly impressed with your solvers. I wouldn't hesitate to pay a premium (15-20 bucks) for a mobile app (preferably Android) that has a similar functionality to what is on the site. I love how the "yes" and "no" show up on the "strategies." Amazing...!

... by: Mike

Sunday 23-Oct-2011
You are the BEST! Good luck

... by: Anthony Shortland

Thursday 20-Oct-2011
I'd like to suggest you include the "dot" method of marking candidates in each square as a cleaner way to present a partially solved puzzle.

i.e. simply place a dot in each of nine spots in each square to indicate the candidates.
Andrew Stuart writes:
I'll certainly put this idea on our wish list.
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... by: Anthony Shortland

Thursday 20-Oct-2011
Glad to hear you're working on an iOS app. Would really like to be A beta tester!

... by: TRUTH

Tuesday 11-Oct-2011
What a good news to create a solver on iPhone. There are few sudoku solvers really interesting on iPhone.
But !!!
What do Robert and Eric expect from you to tell you that they could pay $20 or more for this solver.
In my opinion, I think that's very ridiculous and scandalous. You never talk about money so why do they talk about money for you ???
Once again, ridiculous;
Have a nice day...
Andrew Stuart writes:
Hi. It won't be that much, don't worry! It will be in the first or second price band. :)
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... by: Robert Reily

Tuesday 11-Oct-2011
Great plan. I've been hoping for a solver for my PC, but for my iphone would be even better. I also like the ideas of being able to highlight cells with a specific number or highlight cells with only pairs. Additionally using another highlight to mark links is good. The Sudoku program for the PC that does a good job is by sadman software. Nothing is has your suggested list of features for the iphone. I'd also pay $10 to 20 for the top tier feature set.

... by: Frederic

Saturday 24-Sep-2011
Hi Andrew.
Really happy to read this post. I don't know if you remember me but I've already wrote to you if you could make a java version for window of your solver and you answered me that you couldn't cause the only program you were using was your in-line program or so. And now I can see that you are working on iPhone version and I'm so happy. Thanks a lot and I really look forward to see your APP on the app store.
By the way, I think that the price below $5 will be a good idea. I don't know if Eric G. was serious but $20 was really too expensive.

Sorry for my poor English but I'm French so be indulgent ;-)

... by: Eric G.

Monday 12-Sep-2011
Hi Andrew,

Although, Enjoy Sudoku is giving you a run for its money, i certainly think there will be a market for the program you have suggested. Maybe i missed it but, if you can generate sudoku puzzles as well it would be great. I would suggest that the routing stuff you have on the internet showing strong and weak links be available and more importantly that we the user be able to draw our own links in a user friendly fashion. Furthermore, as at very high level us sudoku fans are pretty hardcore, don't be shy to charge a premium... I would have no problem paying $20 or even more for the program. You could perhaps have tiered amounts depending on the level of functionality. I am excited you will finally join the bandwagon and Iam highly confident you will regain your title of leader in the mobile world as well. i would be delighted to beta test if I can be of any help
Andrew Stuart writes:
Glad you like the idea and thanks for the ideas. It will probably be in the 2nd or third price band. Above 99c but below $5. Haven’t thought about that yet. I’ll add you to the list for beta testing, appreciated.

Drawing links – that would be a nice idea.

Generator slightly more difficult. Random and throw away, one at a time sort of thing?
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... by: Chuck Watson

Sunday 11-Sep-2011
I was sitting here using your web page to help me with a sticky Sudoku puzzle and I said to myself 'gee, i wish this was an app for my smart phone'. I then noticed at the top of the page your note about creating the app. YAAAY!

I really look forward to using this app once you have created it for the Android. I think the features you have incorporated on your website will make this the premier app for playing (and learning to play) Sudoku.

Every other Sudoku app I have tried has made me think 'gee, i wish this app had features like the site.' Now I wont have to think that anymore.

Thanks for making this app! I look forward to it.
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