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Hello everyone

I am closing this puzzle for the meantime as I'm not satisfied with the quality of the word list or the puzzles created from it.

As stated previously this is not using my 30k 'quickwords' list but a much larger 78k list. Of that I am selecting 28k that meet a criteria. For 3 and four letter words are the same as normal codewords except I've removed the most common words, that is words with a frequency above 10,000 in the total corpus. For words five letters and more the range is no longer 50 or above. It is 5 to 100. I've also removed more acronyms and phrases which look odd stuck together. So there is overlap with the normal codewords but many more rare words.

However I've noticed that it also contains unfiltered words unsuitable for a puzzle as well as too many strange/foreign names and words, plus a plethora of acronyms. So back to the drawing board!

Thanks for playing


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