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February Hack

Subscribers for the free puzzles for community and non-profit newspapers can re-create their accounts and resume downloading here

Monday 8th Feb, 2021 PM

Due to our server being hacked and completely trashed the puzzle sites are currently down,
but I am doing everything I can to restore as much as possible.

Tuesday 9th Feb, 2021 9am

I have re-populated the puzzle database tables so that feeds to clients should now work, also our partners in Germany

Wednesday 10th Feb, 2021 6pm

More frustrating settings and permissions issues on the new server.
Thanks for the many emails of support, very grateful.

Thursday 11th Feb, 2021 1pm

I have restored the Letterlicious site. This is fairly easy since
it does not rely on a content management system and I could top up the puzzles. However, about two years of account and competition submissions
are still missing. I will merge back if these are recovered.

Friday 12th Feb, 2021 6pm

Restoring stand alone pages which are independent of the content management system.
Most of these have puzzles players on. Restored most puzzle feed stocks apart from the Sudoku Weekly.
Sudoku Solver should be working except for the Solution Count. and are available with 404 page for the gaps.

Saturday 13th Feb, 2021 5pm

For SudokuWiki I have painstakingly viewed the site on the Wayback Machine and copy/pasted the files changed in the last two or three years back into the content management system.

Saturday 20th Feb, 2021 10am

Figured out how to restore the Solution Count in all solvers. I've noticed the players in Safari had exaggerated fonts due to old style html. Cleaned that up. This will be the last notice. I think I have almost everything back to normal.


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