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Help! Need a new Solution Count program

We have a beautiful new Solution Count thanks to the ingenuity of Rui Gonçalves from Portugal.

I've been investigating why I can't add a Solution Count button to Sudoku X and other solver variants. The problem was I was creating a DLL which is using ancient technology (ISAPI) from around 2006 and it's just not the way to do things anymore.

Rui has compile my algorithm into a Web Assembly (WASM) file using emscripten which can put compiled C++ code onto the browser. So this solution is fast and client side. I've also added updated my algorithm to be faster and more efficient. So even 17 clue puzzles are instantly assessed now. Looking forward to adding the feature to other variants.

Andrew Stuart



... by: David Bien

Wednesday 15-May-2024
My suggestion is to just use microsoft copilot. Get Visual Studio Code (free). Sign up to github if you haven't already. Get a personal subscription to copilot via github. Install the Copilot and Copilot Chat(!) extensions to Visual Studio Code. Select the C++ code in the editor and then use Copilot Chat to guide you through the coding of the NSolutions algorithm. Copilot generates really nice code - and it should use your objects, etc to do it if you appropriately supply it the contexts so that it understands your objects. A couple of hours and you should be good - if not maybe half an hour.
Andrew Stuart writes:
Might be a solution. Do you think Copilot knows what the NSolutions algorithm is? Not many hits when I google it. Perhaps my algorithm is good enough (or there is no better) and what I need Copilot to write is the wrapping code for either a client side browser widget or a server side web exposed widget. By I don't have the vocabulary to express the platform/framework precisely. So I worry Copilot will just go down dead ends. But I agree it's worth a try. - [Del]
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