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Feedback and Questions

I've received a lot of interesting comments and questions from Sudoku fans over the last few years and this page is where I try to answer them. I'm also directing Str8ts feedback here. Please feel free to drop me a note on the side of the page. Or you can email me directly at .

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Many thanks to all the people who have helped improve the solvers and strategies with their feedback!

Monday 30-Apr-2012

... by: Anna, Europe

Bug in Solver:
Candidates in row A and column 1 cannot be edited even though "Edited" is selected. All other fields work just fine.
I noticed this bug 2 days ago.

Andrew Stuart writes:

I tried to fix a problem with a user who had an old version of IE and XP. I see my patch didn't really work so I've restored it. Sorry about the hiccup. Refresh the solver page a few times, should be fine now
Thanks to the many people who alerted me.

Friday 20-Apr-2012

... by: Andy, HK

iPhone solver looks very neat. Does it need a web connection or is it standalone? I'd like to see the later so it can function in flight.

Look forward to it.

Thanks, Andy

Andrew Stuart writes:

It is entirely stand-alone although for the next version we're considering a feed to pick up daily puzzles from the site, but that would be a stand-alone 'player' as well

Friday 20-Apr-2012

... by: Bob Verner, Vancouver, Canada

Is the 'i'' in ..........www.sudoki (see next line) a typo as it leads nowhere?
Sudoku Solver by Andrew Stuart, appears above a puzzle grid to be printed. Just a minor thing but ... Cheers, Bob
PS This is a great site, thanks.

Andrew Stuart writes:

Wow, I continue to be amazed at the typos people find, even after years. That one was copied to about six files. Really appreciated!

Thursday 12-Apr-2012

... by: re johnson, massachusetts

My computor does not allow me to SEND TO SOLVER.
Can youtell me what to do,
We had a poer failure and thi happned when it came back on.
Thank You

Andrew Stuart writes:

What page? Write to me again with you email address so I can reply.

Tuesday 10-Apr-2012

... by: jem, U.S.

Load Sudoku:

Here's a puzzle that gives your Solver a workout (grade=1396), and also has some interesting features which are revealed in the solution.

Andrew Stuart writes:

Nice example, right on the edge of unsolvability. Thanks for sharing !

Monday 9-Apr-2012

... by: Roger, California

Is there a way to suppress the penciled values in a printed puzzle?

Andrew Stuart writes:

Yes there is. Underneath "Take step" is "Show Candidates". Untick that and click print

Saturday 7-Apr-2012

... by: Twan Janssen, The Netherlands

Dear Andrew,

First off all, thank you for this beautiful website!

My question/comment:I miss #46 March 11-March 17 in the Weekly Unsolvable Sudoku Archive. Kind regards,

Twan Janssen.

Andrew Stuart writes:

Fault in the database. It had an American date, fixed now and shows up. Thanks for the alert

Wednesday 28-Mar-2012

... by: NedtheFed, California

just found your website. I love it! It pointed out something I missed on a puzzle I've been working on for days. Of course, when you see the answer, it seems so simple (I missed a hidden pair).

Thanks, and I'll be back.

Andrew Stuart writes:

Glad it works for you, all the best

Wednesday 28-Mar-2012

... by: Roger Fenn, England

Dear Andrew Stuart. I think your website is very good and it has certainly helped me understand a lot of techniques for solving sudoku. Unfortunately when I click on the go back one move button nothing happens. Do others have this problem? I am using google chrome running ubuntu

Andrew Stuart writes:

Back should do something if you have used "take step". But currently it only goes back one step. This is due to the complexity of storing state history in a browser language like javascript. I do plan to work on this part of the solver in the next upgrade, although with automatic state saving in case you close the page accidentally. In the job queue.

Wednesday 28-Mar-2012

... by: John Grasberger, San Diego

FABULOUS site! I bought a book called "MENSA Guide to Solving Sudoku," but those eggheads don't even come close to your clear and insightful techniques and explanations. Thank you!

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Thank-you everyone for all your questions and contributions.