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Main Page
Date Created: Thursday 10-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Sunday 13-Nov-2022
Strategies for Sudoku, Sudoku X, Killer Sudoku and Jigsaw Sudoku - and the home of logical puzzle maker Andrew Stuart

Puzzle Business
Date Created: Sunday 13-Nov-2022
Last Updated: Sunday 13-Nov-2022

What's New
Date Created: Monday 17-Aug-2009
Last Updated: Tuesday 25-Oct-2022

Extended Unique Rectangles
Date Created: Friday 24-Aug-2012
Last Updated: Saturday 11-Jun-2022
Discussion of Extended Unique Rectangles taking 2x2 Unique Rectangles to 3x2

Date Created: Friday 11-Apr-2008
Last Updated: Monday 27-Dec-2021
Sudoku Strategy. BUG stands for Bi-Value Universal Grave. It is a formation that relies on the uniqueness of the solution and an array of bi-value cells.

Almost Locked Pair
Date Created: Monday 27-Dec-2021
Last Updated: Monday 27-Dec-2021
Almost Locked Pair and Triple strategy

Date Created: Sunday 12-Dec-2021
Last Updated: Sunday 19-Dec-2021
Sudoku Fireworks Strategy invented by Shye

Date Created: Wednesday 3-Nov-2021
Last Updated: Wednesday 3-Nov-2021
Glossary of Sudoku Terms

Cage Unit Overlap
Date Created: Tuesday 22-Mar-2011
Last Updated: Friday 23-Jul-2021
Killer Sudoku Strategy. Cage Unit Overlap looks at the intersection of a cage with a row, column or box to find eliminations.

Date Created: Wednesday 26-Oct-2016
Last Updated: Friday 2-Jul-2021