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Every couple of months I will be compiling a list of links to news, trivia, discussions and articles on Sudoku and other number puzzles. Some of them will be high flautin', cerebral and esoteric; but many will be new strategies to divulge, practical advice and how-to. I can squeeze in important announcements about the websites, particularly the Solvers and Puzzle Players. New places to find puzzles in the 'real world'. And overall, just an opportunity to thank and engage with the puzzle community and keep in touch. I hope it will be 'Quite Interesting'. If that sounds okay, let me know your email address below.

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Random prize every newsletter.
Harper Collins have kindly given me a stack of the two new Sudoku books I was privileged to contribute puzzles too. I'm keeping two for the shelf but the remainder will be sent to a randomly picked person from each mailing of the newsletter.
These books are the Collins Su Doku Grandmaster Book 1 and Book 2.
18-Oct. First book goes to Gerald of California. Congratz.
Collins Su Doku Grandmaster Book 1
(view in amazon)
Collins Su Doku Grandmaster Book 2
(view in amazon)

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