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Westminster Hall

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This is my first big Hexagon project and I've had great fun making it. Westminster Hall is one of the buildings that make up the House of Parliament. The walls are from 1097 (wiki entry), typical Romanesque seen on a thousand churches, but the roof is jaw dropping in real life. Built in the 1390s it is the largest medieval Hammer Beam roof in Europe, some 240 feet by 68 feet, and 90 feet from floor to ridge beam, and its lucky to have survived the fire in 1834 which destroyed the rest of the palace.

In this project I've concentrated on the woodwork, having found some plans from 1910 to measure off against. The stonework, which actually took longer, was partly eyeballed from photos and the virtual tour available at the parliament website. I also took textures from that virtual tour to set on the stonework. As I'm interested in the interior the exterior is less detailed and tbh I couldn’t face doing every boss, crocket and finials on the outside, gothic carving being what it is :) Also I leant as I went along not balloon the project file with unnecessary smoothing - as my poor PC wont render to many lines.



... by: Vivek

Thursday 17-Mar-2016
Hi Andrew,
Wonderful piece of work. I would like to know if you are selling this asset? I'm part of zyenalabs, a company which is into making interactive products for visualization, training etc. We have planned a "Proof of concept" demo with 3d model of westminister hall to be able to showcase it to prospective clients. If you are selling this asset, pls drop me an email ASAP. Thanks


... by: Paris

Friday 23-Oct-2015
Hi Andrew,

I have a university group project that we have to produce measured drawings of the interior and exterior of Westminster Hall and we were wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your model with us as we have been struggling to get access to measurements. This would help us to create our own drawing.

Any information you able to share with us would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance

... by: Jeroen Koning

Monday 10-Aug-2015
Hi Andrew,

What a great 3D interior!

I wonder if you know that 3D can be rendered and walked through interactively in browsers (without installing a plugin)... Cannot judge if your 3D model would be suited, but I imagine you would be interested.

Simple example at
At one of the pictures is actually a 3D, no .jpg

As you can see: "X3DOM output created with InstantReality aopt tool". Not hard to find and run.
I used Blender to convert an .obj to the .x3d format. (And did some tweaking on the result). is impressive.

Good luck, Jeroen Koning, the Netherlands
Andrew Stuart writes:
Thanks for this feedback, good to have some. This was an early model and I am re-working it now. The original had way too many vertexes for the editor I was using (Hexagon) and I lost some of the final versions when the files corrupted. But I am hoping to replace with a lighter version since I've learnt a lot in the meantime. I know Blender would be able to cope and I've tried to use blender but I find UI overwhelming for someone self trained. I export as OBJ files. These shots were rendered using the 3DLight renderer in Daz Studio which is pretty basic when it comes to proper light control and atmosphere. I am looking forward to using the new iRay renderer on this model. I would like to compare it to the Luxrender which is also excellent for real light. Can't wait.

Those are interesting links, yes it would be great to have it as a 3D model in a browser. I've created several other architectural models which I must get up on the site sometime. If I knew how to package up the model for free distribution I'd do so, but I've not seen much on this process.

I will definitely have a go!
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